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The global corporate world has changed tremendously in terms of implementing new tactics. From technical upgradations, new technologies, structured frameworks, innovative functionalities, all the way up to hiring skilled and trained professionals, there has been quite a few improvisations in the corporate scenario. As of today, more and more companies are looking out for productive ways to satisfy their customers. Customer satisfaction is the most important objective for almost all the organizations. Whether yours is an IT (or) NON-IT company, the ultimate goal is to build clients and provide them with valuable products and services. On the contrary, clients look forward to work with only those companies which have three factors in particular and those are authenticity, commitment to quality and timely delivery. If organizations have these three factors then the probability to succeed in the marketplace is quite good. SAPNAVEEN IT CONSULTING is a globally recognized premium organization specialized in offering software development, IT training, IT Staffing and IT Consulting services. SAPNAVEEN IT CONSULTING has deep understanding and real-time experience on the above mentioned four services and has been successful in executing projects regardless of scale.

About Us

SAPNAVEEN IT CONSULTING is a finest company dedicated to provide its clients time-tested and best quality services in the core areas of software development, IT staffing and recruitment, IT Consulting, Web and Mobile App development. A client-centric approach coupled with a process-oriented framework, is what helps us to come out with feasible solutions, which will ultimately meet our client’s requirements. With an excellent track record of providing valuable services to our clients over the past few years, we are now at a stage where we can handle and execute projects with finesse no matter the size and complexity. We have undertaken many software development projects and by implementing industry relevant technologies, we were able to complete those very projects in a timely manner. Having keen interest in research, we always carry out research activities especially for IT Staffing, IT consulting and software development domains. This ensures enhanced quality of service and creating a stronghold for ourselves in the market place. Our research is basically attuned with our work processes that go into fulfilling our organizational goal. A team is the driving force for any organization to be successful. We strongly believe in team work and team bonding, thereby assuring that our team as a whole brings in worthy results in line with our client’s specific needs. We have got a team of project managers, IT Staffing specialists, developers, designers, testers, writers, IT Consultants, HR Managers who are not only skilled, but also are committed to passionately serve our esteemed customers.

IT Consultancy

IT consulting is a broad domain, which requires a keen sense of observation both from a macro and micro perspective. Technical Analysis, meticulous planning and clarity on client’s precise requirements forms the crux of successful IT Consulting. At SAPNAVEEN IT CONSULTING, we are happy about the fact that our IT consulting model has not only made our client’s happy, but also reduced the downtime by improving performance of the entire IT framework. SAPNAVEEN IT CONSULTING basically understands the value of IT Consulting and hence provides detailed solutions based on client’s requirements. The most important aspect to take into consideration is to understand in-depth as to what is the particular business domain the client specifically works on. SAPNAVEEN IT CONSULTING has a team of IT Consultants and Subject Matter Experts who have got plenty amount of real-time experience on IT consulting projects, regardless of size and domain. We are also happy to say that our team of IT Consultants have successfully executed many IT Consulting based projects, and that too with technical finesse.

  • Understanding Client requirements

    The first step is to of course identify as to why the clients want to conduct IT consultation for their organization. Our team of consultants and IT professionals will have an in-depth interaction with the client’s team, to clearly understand as to what all technological upgradations, changes (or) modifications they are looking for (or) might be even looking out for certain IT specific solutions.

  • Preparing the Specifications document

    Once our team clearly understands as to what are all the technical functionalities that have to be carried out, then after our team with the help of Subject matter experts will draft an in-depth specifications document, which includes all the necessary steps and processes which will be carried out for successful consultation.

  • Modifications

    If the client is happy and content with the specifications document then please jump to step 4 or else read step 3. In certain scenarios, the concerned professional of a client company might require certain modifications to be carried out. What we do is we redo the specifications document partially, that which the client wants to specifically modify.

  • Financial proposal

    Here the entire budget as well as the time that will be taken to complete the project will be mentioned. An in-depth proposal with all the costs involved at various stages will be highlighted. Further discussions can be carried out before initiating the project.

  • Deployment

    Here is where we have to ascertain with the help of client’s team whether we have to work onsite (or) offsite. However, we will first put the request, whether it will be good to work onsite (or) offsite, after which we will also consider client’s convenience.

  • Project gets initiated

    Finally, after all the meetings between the client and us are successful, we start the project. Here we also want to add one more point and that is we provide post consulting support as well. After the project is fully done with, and if you still require any post consultation support, then our team will be there to support you.




    Our core focus is on providing IT Staffing services to our clients. IT staffing requires a penchant towards profiling candidates perfectly, based exactly upon client’s specific job position requirements. With a team of IT Staffers and Recruitment professionals, we understand the entire staffing process, and how it can provide the best manpower to our clients. Our filtering techniques are carried out to qualify only the right candidate for your organization. Ultimately it’s all about delivering candidates on a continual basis, so that our relationship with clients is not only harmonious but also is a long-term relationship.


    Analytics uses comprehensive techniques in order to come out with meaningful patterns that will help you to make better business decisions. We use statistical, predictive and other relevant techniques in order to come out with some effective outcome by which your organization can make timely and profitable business decisions. Analytics is directly related with using your business data in a coherent and result-oriented manner.


    With a penchant for providing visually enchanting websites, our team is passionate to develop only those websites that exactly match with our client’s expectations. By using UI/UX technologies, we build a meaningful yet attractive website for you. A process-oriented approach towards web design and development ensures a stunning and user-friendly website.


    As of today, corporations have gigantic amounts of data which cannot be worked with normal computational techniques. To process such large amounts of data, we use Hadoop, which is really of use to store large sets of data in a structured manner. Hadoop is an extremely productive technology for storing huge amounts of unprocessed data.


    We undertake business analysis for your organization taking into perspective the macro and micro aspects of your business. After taking into consideration the problem areas and productive areas, we come out with a well prepared and in-depth business analysis report that will help you lessen your costs, improve your revenues and see as to what are the untapped markets, where you can carry out with your business cohesively.


    We undertake corporate and online IT training for organizations worldwide. We conduct training in all the leading technologies such as Java, Oracle, .NET, SAP, big data/hadoop, data warehousing, Quality Assurance and testing, PeopleSoft, python, Siebel etc. Our training material and courseware is exclusively developed by real-time industry experts who have got deep knowledge on their particular technology domain.


    We provide specific cloud solutions based on your organization’s pertinent technological needs. Whether the services are related to desktop, laptop, network, database, software application, storage, infrastructure, our cloud computing professionals will ensure that your IT based requirements are dealt in a prompt manner. Rest assured, we as cloud computing solutions provider will assist you right from the initiation till the process is in flow. Post installation support will also be provided.

  • SOA

    We provide SOA (Service oriented architecture) based on your concomitant technological services. We first understand as to how SOA can be best incorporated in your existing technical infrastructure, and if any modifications need to be required, then we have a strategic meet with your key IT professionals. Once you approve, the process of SOA starts.

  • SAP

    There is a no doubt about the fact that industries have highly benefitted from the extraordinary platform that SAP provides. We have got a team of SAP consultants, who are devoted to provide you SAP solutions based upon your niche domain. We further provide feasible advice to your IT professionals as to how our SAP solutions can solve your departmental or other functional issues. The end goal is to improvise your existing technical functionalities in line with the departments that you have, and then see to that productive outcome is witnessed.


    We ensure that your entire software development structure goes through a well-defined quality assurance and testing process. Our team of quality control experts and testers will not only evaluate and streamline all your software engineering processes and come out with meaningful conclusions, but will also carry out a rigorous testing process to find out if there are any defects and then fix it amicably.


    Project management comprise of all the aspects pertaining to a project right from the start to the finish. Our team of Project management professionals will carry out a structured activity, so that all the aspects of your project are executed with ease and hence the overall outcome of the project is not only profitable for your business, but also helps in defining result-oriented project methodologies.


    Data Warehousing requires a high level of expertise on data management. We will scrutinize your existing technological data flow and then come out with a concrete solution to incorporate data warehousing solutions. All the technical aspects of incorporating data warehousing tactics in your existing IT infrastructure will be clearly explained to your team members in the form of an in-depth blueprint, which generally depicts the plan of action.


    We have already carried out numerous outsourcing activities, especially pertaining to IT Staffing, recruitment, consulting and software development. Many companies have relied on our team and have reaped excellent benefits in terms of productive outcomes. When you are outsourcing your work to us, we will see to that timely delivery along with quality of service and authenticity is maintained at all times. This in turn helps build mutual trust.


    Mobile App development is one of the most demanding domain nowadays. With thousands of apps being built every now and then, customers are hunting for reliable and highly skilled companies, who can help them in building their specific apps. Our team of Android and iPhone developers will help you in building your specific apps. A modular approach is followed through the entire app development process, to ensure seamless outcome.


    IT Infrastructure is rather studied from a broader context, as there are many interconnected and key layers that make up the infrastructure. We will completely examine your organization’s IT Infrastructure and then based upon your specific requirements will provide you scalable solutions. We will also help you in understanding as to what are the necessary modifications that can be carried out, so that an efficient IT Infrastructure is set-up for your organization.


Career growth is something SAPNAVEEN IT CONSULTING really focuses upon. Employees at SAPNAVEEN IT CONSULTING not only work hard, but also improve themselves with the help of our team. If you want to scale up your performance and improve your skills, then SAPNAVEEN IT CONSULTING is the right place for you. Right candidate will get the right package. Following are the openings for which you can apply for:

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